Surge Protection Device

The Problem:

Transients (spikes) can damage and disrupt the operation of critical IT and telecommunications and electronic systems. These disturbances can be caused by meteorological events such as thunderstorms, electric utility switching operations and can be produced by electrical devices within the facility.

The Solution

SPD’s can be employed at the utility service entrance to the building, at distribution panels downstream from service entrance and at the individual load level. These devices absorb the transient energy and redirect it to a path away from the critical equipment. They are available in ratings consistent with the point of application and are designed to the latest UL and electrical standards.

LEA International

  • 60kA to 450kA Surge Current Ratings
  • Parallel and Series Connected
  • Internal Disconnect
  • Fused and Non-fused
  • Modular and Non-Modular

Kramer Datapower, Inc., provides SPD’s for AC and Data Line solutions. Please visit our manufacturer’s website to learn more about these products or contact us to find out more.