PDI Product Lineup


Busway System provides a vastly flexible, simple-to-install, highly configurable and monitoring intelligent overhead power busway distribution system with the safest features for data centers. (250A – 400A – 800AMP Systems Available)

STS (Static Transfer Switch)

The PDI static transfer switch supplies critical loads with a choice between two available sources of electrical power. True Front Access Static Switch System aalternative available. (Sizes from 250 Amps to 2000 Amps)

PDU(s) (Power Distribution Unit)

The PDU provides intelligent and flexible power distribution. (Sizes from 50 kVA to 1,125kVA)

Unit Options Available:

-PowerPak PDU (50-300kVA)

-PowerPak 2 PDU (100-400kVA)

-PowerHub 2 PDU (400-1,125kVA)

RPP (Remote Power Panel)

Trapped Key Interlocking and multiple panelboards configurations, the Modular Compact RPP can be adapted to the most demanding mission critical facilities. (Sizes from 225 Amps to 1600 Amps)


Circuit Monitoring Systems designed by PDI, provide real-time energy use measurements down to the individual circuit level.

Line Reactors

Line reactors reduce harmonics to increase drive system reliability and up time, as well as protect equipment against low-frequency interference thus improving total power factor. (Ranges up to 15kV and capacities up to 5 MVA three phase.)

Low Voltage Transformers

The K-Factor series of transformers safely isolates the distribution system from hazards of harmonics and power disturbances.

Custom Power Magnetics

Building to customer-specified physical and electrical requirements, ensuring the equipment you deploy functions efficiently, effectively and seamlessly.

Power Cube

The High Efficiency Power Quality Transformer (Power Cube) offers electrical power distribution capabilities that lower electricity waste as well as reduces greenhouse gas emissions. (Ranges from 30kVA to 1,000kVA)

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