Critical Load Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and Static Switching Systems

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) provide a convenient and flexible means of distributing power to critical IT and telecommunications systems at the point of use. These units generally provide:

  • TP-1 Voltage Transformation; Low Voltage and Medium Voltage
  • From 42 to 336 poles of distribution in many combinations
  • Harmonic Mitigation Transformers
  • Static or high speed mechanical switching between separate power sources
  • Redundant configurations utilizing dual transformers and switching devices
  • Critical power and load monitoring of sub feed and branch circuit breakers

Kramer Datapower, Inc., is a manufacturer’s representative for PDI PDU products.

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  • PowerWave2 Busway, 160-800 AMP
  • PowerPak2 PDU’s 100 to 400 KVA, DOE 2016, K1-K20 Transformers, Subfeed Breakers, Up to 252 Branch Breakers
  • PowerHub2 PDU’s 225 kVA – 1,000 kVA, DOE 2016, K1-K20 Transformers, Subfeed Breakers
  • Mission Critical RPP’s (Up to 252 Poles of Distribution)
  • PDI’s patented Branch Circuit Monitoring Systems
  • Three Phase Static Transfer Switches, 150-2,000 AMPS
  • Energy Star Certified Transformers
  • Computer Power Cables

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